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In California we are blessed with a great variety of micro climates, each capable of producing grapes of extraordinary quality and style. Irish Monkey seeks out these extraordinary vineyards with their unique micro climates, and working closely with the winegrower, strive to optimize the fullest potential of each property. From the heart of the Napa, Sonoma, to the Alexander Valley and Lodi, each vineyard Robert purchase grapes from is blessed with a unique terror.

To compliment the efforts of the wine grower, Irish Monkey strives to produce wines that exhibit wonderful balance. Irish Monkey wines are often referred too as having an Old World elegance and sophistication. Irish Monkey styles of wine making is to emphasize the fruit and employ vilification techniques that will capture and accentuate the fruit expression unique to each vineyard. Along with fruit, balance is vitally important, and at Bell Wine Irish Monkey we strive to find the quintessential balance between fruit, acid, oak and tannin, in producing my wines. I hope you enjoy the "vineyard expression" in each of our wines. 

About Us

Have a taste of fine wines from Irish Monkey Cellars. Our winery in Oakland, California produces red and white wines of the highest quality. Our white wines include Saugvignon Blanc, Chardonnay. Our red wines include Sangiovese, SyrBec, MerBec, Merlot, Syrah, Primitivo, Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, and Touriga Nacional. We have been known for producing wines that have fruit-forward style, moderate oak, varietal character and the good, flinty, and earthy aromas of hand-pressed grapes. Wine tasting at our winery is held every Saturdays and Sundays. “Irish Monkey Cellars” is the brainchild of winemaker Bob Lynch who began monkeying around with the fruit of the vine in 1996. Visit our winery today to enjoy the good life and the company of true wine enthusiasts.


Most everyone asks, "Why Irish Monkey?" Wine maker Bob Lynch began monkeying around with the fruit of the vine in 1996, having successfully made dozens of competition-winning beers with friends. There was an appeal to make wine that benefits the patient soul: when wine is left relatively undisturbed (yet attended to) for length of time, it improves markedly. And so it was.

In the first production ... "Not so bad" ... I had read dozens of books, studied the worlds wine of making techniques, through all that knowledge out and determine that I had a better way of making wine. It wasn't. It was my first lesson in humility (but not my last) taught me by the venerable grape and the world's mystic practitioners. Currently we learned that one can be too gentle as well as too aggressive in fermentation, and pressing, and racking, in treating the wine at each step. Truly, one can easily err toward the timid as to bold. First, 150 pounds of grapes were made into wine in 1996. By 2002, we grew to over 4,000 lbs. It was becoming obvious that we were well on the way to becoming a commercial family winery, if only we could figure out subtleties necessary to make great wine. "Good" was becoming routine "Very good" correlated to top-flight grapes and careful barreling plan. This may sound terribly obvious, but the team and I learned that the grapes and mediocre grapes look awful much alike, there's really his magic in the terror and cepage of fine wine grapes that must be given its due. There is no truer statement than "80% of a good wine is due to the grapes and 80% of the bad wine is due to the winemaker".
Loretta and I coined the name Irish Monkey one evening wine "the wine Brunch" at the house. It seems to fit me, with an Irish ancestry, and powerful looseness for the unusual and excellent. Within a few days, and first logo was ready, and the mission was set.

In 2007, our vintage saw over 55,000 lbs. of grapes turned into 10 different varieties of wine, and the upcoming vintages look to be equally exciting. We very much hope that you like the Irish Monkey style of wine; the fruit forward, moderate oak, varietal character in abundance, and the full body, flinty, and earthy aroma of handcrafted grapes underlying the palate.

Red or white, dry or sweet, you'll find a wine for your palate at Irish Monkey Cellars. Some of our handcrafted wine is only available in limited quantities, so be sure to stay updated on new batches.

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